Pre-opening measures

As hoteliers, what we care most is to provide you with high standard services. New circumstances though have created an unprecedented situation in which we all need to comply. New arrangements have been taken, new hygiene protocols have been implemented and our personnel are carefully trained to ensure health and safety on both sides.

The preparation phase has already started and the following additional actions have already been conducted in addition to the lockdown phase requirements. More specifically:


  1. All cleaning staff have been screened for potential infection before resuming cleaning activities
  1. It has been conducted a detailed cleaning schedule and developed protocols for cleaning requirements for all areas
  1. All staff have been trained effectively on the new schedule and protocols
  1. All areas have been cleaned in accordance with the cleaning schedule and protocols
  1. The effectiveness of cleaning have been checked both visually and where possible quantitative methods
  1. All arrangements are in place to ensure that there is an adequate supply of cleaning chemicals, equipment and disinfectant for both operational and emergency situations

Infection Control

  1. There has been established an infection control team and control requirements have been met
  1. The infection control team has checked that procedures and systems developed during lockdown are comprehensive. Whenever needed, alterations were made.
  1. All staff confirmed health status and readiness to return to work
  1. All arrangements are in place for the safe handling of potentially waste

Hand Hygiene Arrangements

  1. Hand washing and hand sanitization stations are located at key locations (entrances, public areas, dining areas, gyms, staff areas)
  1. Signage and information systems are in place to ensure that guests, staff and visitors are aware of hand hygiene
  1. All staff have been given training on effective hand washing and general hygiene


Respiratory Hygiene Arrangements

  1. Surgical masks are available for both infection control activities and also issuing to potentially infected persons
  1. New procedures have been established for maintaining social distancing requirements in accordance with local governmental advice
  1. Where possible, temporary distance markings have been created in areas that subject to queuing (e.g. reception, food service)
  1. All tables and sitting areas have been set up to ensure a minimal social distancing can be achieved between family groups


Buffet / Dining Arrangements

  1. Where possible, dining arrangements have been altered to a la carte service
  1. The capacity of the restaurant/dining area has been adjusted to ensure social distancing measures are effective
  1. If buffet service is being provided, additional hygiene measures have been implemented. More specifically:
  • Manned service stations
  • Enhanced sneeze guards
  • Hand hygiene precautions
  • Dedicated service groups
  • Phased dining groups
  1. Condiments and dispensing arrangements have been modified to ensure that cross-contamination risk is reduced (single-use portions, manned/table service)

Public Areas

  • Increased cleaning regimes have been established in all public areas
  • All staff have been trained on maintaining social distancing
  • Reception staff have been trained on providing guests with the appropriate information upon arrival
  • All information regarding infection control is translated into the guest appropriate language
  • Non-essential items that make effective cleaning difficult in public areas have been removed

Pool Maintenance

  • All pool systems have been brought back to fully operational conditions, including water treatment and chemical characteristics
  • Water has been subject to chemical analysis and laboratory testing to ensure safety for use upon re-opening

Water Safety & Legionella Prevention

  • All water systems have been fully flushed and checked for the correct level of disinfection
  • Water has been tested for chemical characteristics and laboratory tested



We are a step far from the formal re-opening of our hotel. So we would like to inform you about the precautionary measures we have taken in order to maintain your health and safety concerning COVID-19 pandemic.

Personnel Training

We inform you that our personnel have received all the necessary information and training about COVID-19 and the enhanced procedures. Our staff is ready to implement infection prevention measures along with the necessary information to our customers. All our staff knows their role, regardless of the department they work in.

Trained Team Managing the Risk

We inform you that our trained team managing the risk in case of COVID-19 situation is in place and will be monitoring every day that all enhanced procedures are applied and work effectively. If there is a need for a modification in a procedure, the revised procedure will be implemented immediately.

Below, you can see the COVID-19 response checklist concerning the re-opening phase.


⮚ We have engaged a trained team to manage a COVID-19 strategy tactic

⮚ We have created a crisis management plan

⮚ We have enhanced procedures and systems in place

⮚ All local infection indicators will be monitored as well to assess the level of overall infection risk

⮚ All hotel facilities are available to test personnel and guests for potential symptoms


  • All operating systems are in place to communicate issues and concerns to key stakeholders (e.g. tour operators)
  • All guest and personnel communication is ready to ensure call-to-action infection procedures effectively.
  • Any arrangement with relevant third party (e.g. tour operators, concession stores, excursion providers) is developed to ensure that infection control arrangements are not violated
  • We have developed a guest communication policy


In a few days, our hotel will be fully operational again and all additional arrangements concerning COVID-19 pandemic are in place and continue to ensure your safety and health.

We update our hygiene protocols according to formal instructions and our plan continues to be implemented. In case any problem arises, immediate actions would be:

  • To record an illness
  • To monitor closely its development
  • To implement emergency procedures immediately, if needed


Below, you can find all the additional arrangements verifying our hygiene status.

Verification of Status

All standards in the following areas have been audited and verified:

  • Prevention of spread of infection
  • Food hygiene and health
  • Water safety and legionella prevention
  • Pool/Spa hygiene and safety
  • Room cleaning and housekeeping
  • Any suspicious incident will be maintained and recorded
  • All communications systems are in place to provide ongoing status reports to tour operators

Crisis Management and Business Continuity

  1. All procedures and systems are in place to ensure that the hotel has a crisis management and business continuity plan
  1. All additional arrangements are in place for implementing quarantine, separation or isolation required by national protocol standards.

Thank you,